Waterford Walls is now in its third year. It is now one of the biggest visual street art events in the country, attracting national and international street artists. This event has artists transform blank spaces around the city with amazing, vibrant and colorful pieces. This year there was over 30 artists that created powerful pieces.
The artists help to create art that is eye-catching and powerful. They have a huge impact on the city.
Many associate graffiti with vandalism and its looked down upon. Waterford walls helps to change this negative view on street art and it attracts a lot of people to come to the city. People stop and stare in awe at all the amazing murals. This event is down to Festival organizer Edel Tobin and curator Louise Flynn who gained access to many sites around the city.
Waterford is now a city full of color. The walls and alleys are illuminated and full of character. A walk through Waterford city is now full of fun and excitement. Each piece will always be admired.

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