About Multimedia Workshops

Asterisk Multimedia specialise in providing a multimedia service to youth services, adult education and schools. To date the company has successfully completed several art and multimedia workshops, with tangible results and positive feedback.

Facilitating Student Development in Digital Media

Raising awareness to the benefits of incorporating creative multimedia as tool to engaging, educate and facilitate in youth services and schools. To engage with young people in a manner that is relevant to their interests. To help young people gain confidence in themselves by showing them what they can achieve through the creative process. Helping young people express themselves through a broad range of media platforms. Through these processes they gain a great sense of self-worth.


  • As a service we can deliver alternative fun and educational multimedia workshops such as stop motion and Introduction to Midi for music creation.
  • We can also adapt and blend workshops for projects. We can cater for tech weeks were students can interact with multimedia technology and displays.
  • For a week long workshop 2- 3 rooms a required. One art room and 1-2 labs for IT and adobe workshops.
  • Each student will receive a certificate of completion




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